Stone Brook
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This site is intended to be a resource for small flock owners in Maine,
and for people thinking of becoming small flock owners.   Suggestions are welcome.  

The sister farm to Stone Brook is Rock Island Farm. 

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Thinking of getting some wool sheep?

Other business

"About 90% of sheep farms are small, hobby operations raising sheep for 4-H projects, to keep
down brushy fields or, especially in southern New England, to show." from "The Future of Sheep",
New England Farmer, July 1998. 

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Picture:  "Lincolns in the Show Ring" from "Sheep Farming in America" by Joseph E. Wing (1912).

Acknowledgement.   As this site has grown, a number of people have contributed additional information or suggestions.  Thanks!    MaryLynn Fitszimmons and John Hopeck, Kate and Ed Jarius, Rob Manner, Anne Eaton, Dr. Lawrence Buggia, "Janet", Elaine Clark, Eileen Homoleski, Regina Whelan, and Dr. Barbara Perkins.

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This page is intended to list information related to sheep and other fiber animals.   It is not intended in any way as a recommendation or warranty concerning particular services, animals, products, or farms.

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