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Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic
417 Route 135
Monmouth, Maine  04259
(207) 933-2165 PHONE
(207) 933-2497 FAX


Suggested Vaccination Schedule

At Birth           Selenium (BoSe @ Icc/40 lbs Sub Q)

3 to 14 days    Dock tails, Tetanus Antitoxin and +/- Castration

8 weeks          CDT Toxoid (2cc Sub Q)

12 weeks        CDT Toxoid (2cc Sub Q)
Rabies vaccination (ImRab II 2cc Sub Q)

1 year             CDT Toxoid
                       Rabies vaccination

Annually          CDT Toxoid
                       Rabies vaccination (Optional, triennial boosters)


Deworming varies with the farm (January, March, May, August, September then again in late Fall)