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Books, Periodicals, and Other Materials

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Lawson, Laura.  Managing Your Ewe and Her Newborn Lamb. 1993. LDF Publications. The Merck Veterinary Manual, 8th Edition (1998).
Smith, Aseltine and Kennedy.  Beginning Shepherd's Manual. 1997 (2nd ed.).  Iowa State University Press. Hunt, Jeremy.  Small-scale Sheep Keeping. 1997.
Simmons, Paula.  Raising Sheep the Modern Way.  1993 (revised).  Storey Communications, Inc. Muller, Hans Alfred.  Sheep -- A Complete Owners Manual. 1989.  Barron's.  (this is a little book)
Eales, F.A. and J. Small.  Practical Lambing and Lamb Care. 1995 (2nd ed.).  Longman Scientific and Technical.  Reportedly coming back into print soon. Parker, Ron.  The Sheep Book.   Charles Scribner.
Henderson, David C.  The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers.  1997.  Farming Press (United Kingdom).  Distributed in North Americal by Diamond Farm Enterprises. Kruisi, William K.  The Sheep Raiser's Manual. 1985.  Williamson Publishing.
Linklater, Karl A. and Mary C. Smith.   Diseases and Disorders of the Sheep and Goat.  Mosby-Wolfe.  Reprinted 1997 Elliott, Mark and Tony Pinkus.  Homeopathy, the Shepherd's Guide. 1993. (short introduction)


The Banner Sheep Magazine
PO Box 500
Cuba, IL 61427
banner@sybertech.net or ads.banner@sybertech.net

Black Sheep Newsletter.  25455 NW Dixie Mtn Rd, Scappoose, OR   97056.  Published 4 times per year.

Sheep! Magazine.  Published monthly except for bi-monthly issues in April/May and August/September.  Duck Creek Publications, Inc. 128 East Lake Street, Lake Mills, WI 53551 "for individuals interested in sheep, wool, and related areas".

Sheep Canada.   Quarterly magazine.

Sheep & Goat Research Journal

The Shepherd.  5696 Johnston Rd, New Washington, Ohio 44854.   Published monthly.  (A good read and useful info)

The Shepherd's Journal.   "Published 10 times a year The Shepherd's Journal is the most comprehensive sheep publication subscribed to in Canada." (quote from their web site)

New England Farmer.  Monthly.  For subscription information, call 1-800-888-7580. 


"Lamb Survival, David C. Henderson" (1993).  (From the Author of "The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers").

"Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton", available from Rural Route Videos (MB, Canada)  1-800-823-7703.  Older video, but very helpful (covers both shearing technique and care of equiment).

Videos available for viewing from Maine Cooperative Extension (Maine citizens only).

Books out-of-print

Bradbury, Margaret.  The Shepherd's Guidebook.  Rodale Press.