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Maryland Small Ruminant Page run.jpg (4457 bytes) Sheep Resources

The Cornell Sheep Program

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American Sheep Industry Association Maine Hay Directory Internet hay exchange
Maple Lawn Farm -- Information on lambing, pasture management, and other topics for small producers.  Nutrient Management Rules (Maine)
Sheep care practices Rules for the Disposal of Animal Carcasses (Maine)
SID Sheep Production Handbook Maine Dept. of Agriculture -- animal health and industry
IACUC learning module -- sheep and goats Livestock Extension Home Page -- Maine
4-H Production Manual Handling and Marketing Wool (Maine Cooperative Extension fact sheet)
Cornell University-- Poisonous Plants Web Page
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
Maine Agricultural Center

Sheep Pocket Guide

Yocum-McColl Sheep breeds Lambing FAQ Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.
Elite Genetics

Charitable organizations that take yarn or knit goods (list maintained by Halcyon Yarns).

Sheep disease information (ASI) Sheep and Goat Research Journal
Veterinary Medicine Libraries Comment on docking
Health and diseases Animal Diseases
Vet Net -- veterinary resources Alberta AFRD research update (CLA)
Indiana Plants Poisonous to Livestock (Purdue) .


Sheep Organizations in Canada Sheep and lamb prices
Rare Sheep AgricultureLaw.com.


Sheep -- Nebraska Extension Publications yahoo.com -- sheep American Sheep
Sheep -- Univ. of Minn. Extension Service Iowa extension publications
Fitting a Corriedale Ewe for Show Sheep Production in Georgia

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