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Fleece Tents (Maine)

Fleece tents offer the opportunity to sell raw fleeces, both white and colored, directly to handspinners and other fiber artists.  Fleeces are usually dropped off prior to the beginning of the fair and any unsold fleeces are picked up, and sellers cash out, on the last day of the fair.  The tent is often run by volunteers (be nice to them), and the fair may charge a commission.  Click to enlarge
the following photo of the shorn side of a new fleece.

fleececordshorn30sm.jpg (9529 bytes)

A fair may also offer a fleece show in connection with the fleece tent.  Most fairs do not require that fleeces be entered in the show in order to be put up for sale in the tent.

For the rules governing a particular fleece tent, contact the appropriate fair officials.   Be sure you know how the fair wants the fleece presented (ex. open plastic bag v. rolled and tied).   

The following events in Maine usually have fleece tents:

Blue Hill Fair
Common Ground Fair in Unity
Fiber Frolic at Windsor Fair Grounds
Fryeburg Fair
Pittston Fair

If you know of others to add to the list, please email.

And...if you're in the market for some raw wool for spinning, weaving, or crafts, a fleece tent is a great place to be able to look over a variety of types and colors of fleeces in one place.

wpe3.jpg (26314 bytes)

Picture:  some knitting from handspun natural wools.  No dye, and the colors will never run.