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Handspun Yarn
from Stone Brook

Specializing in natural colored wools
                  (no dyes)

Important:  I am no longer taking web inquiries or orders for handspun.  Maybe in the future...

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I don't do many things twice -- a lot of "single fleece" variations and small spinnings.   Wools used, for the most part, come from my sheep or from farms in Maine.  

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(There is a bit of dyed blue in the basket above--but that isn't what I normally do). 

Additional custom orders cannot be accepted at this time. 

More information below on yarns.

Click on images below to see examples of yarns (color will come up for the b/w).

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Thanks.  My email address. 

This yarn if from a non-smoking environment (not counting the wood/coal stove).  Work is guaranteed.   If you are not satisfied for any reason, it may be returned within 10 days of receipt for a refund of the price of the yarn (sorry, not the postage).
Thank you. 

More information:        

A note on wool  -- There isn't a best type of wool, or breed from which to get it.   What is best to use depends upon what you want to make with the yarn. 

Color.  Natural colors are richer and more interesting than dyed, and they never run with washing.   "Gray" is often not a solid color, by a mix of various colored fibers.  In many sheep, only the first fleece is really a solid color of black or brown.  The sheep gray out as they get older.  Some black sheep also fade to brown (dark or light) in the sun, and their wool produces many brown yarns.   These processes produce a wide variety of lovely grays.   

Single fleece spinning.  I prefer to spin a specific yarn (or ply, or color in a ply) from a single, good, fleece, rather than a blend of various quality fleeces when possible.   This makes the spinning I do different from commercial yarns, or handspun yarns made from blends or commercial rovings.  Using single fleeces provides more consistent quality fiber.  It also retains the variety of colors provided by individual sheep, and allows for a greater choice of textures.   Characteristics of wool not only vary from breed to breed, but from sheep to sheep within a breed, and from the same sheep during its life time.   Using single fleeces provides for a much larger palette.      I think "same sheep/same year" rather than "same dye lot". 

Ordering.    Payment may be by personal check or money order.   Personal checks may be held 10 days.    All yarns are mailed on Saturday, which is when I can get to the post office.    Buyers in Maine need to add 5% sales tax.  

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