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Thinking of getting some wool sheep?

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A.  What are the basic needs of sheep?
B.   "If there is a way to die, a sheep will find it". 
        Topics:  stoicism; curiosity; research; obvious; sheep with horns; shearing;
          hoof trimming; vaccinations; burping and related topics; and rain and freezing temperatures.

C.  What type of fleece is best?
D.  Should you consider cross-breds or wethers?
E.  The months of the year (beginning October, 1999)

More coming...

Picture:  the ewe lamb pictured above is 3/4 Shetland, 1/4 Finn.    Born at Stone Brook, Phoebe is now at End of the World Farm.  She had her first lamb on 4/19/2000.

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