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 Maine Goat Farms


Photo taken at Friends Folly Farm


  • Note: the list below is out-of-date and is being updated. Please check back.

Black Locust Farm. Yvonne & Lance Taylor   
  Cashmere goats
  P.O. Box 378
  Washington, Maine  04574
  207-845 2722; lance@blacklocust.com

Board Landing Farm.  Andree Bella  **
  Cashmere goats (also llamas)
  Kaler Road
  Belfast, ME

Bombahookacres.  Nicole and Darryl Brown
    AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 
    Show and pet quality.
   1224 Central St.
   Hallowell, ME 04347
   207-622-7340; nb@bombahookacres.com

Cedar Run Farm.  Bill & Leanne Waters
  Registered South African Boer Goats
  and Percentages
  282 Main Road
  Rt 221 Hudson Road
  Bradford, Maine  04110
  207-327-1590; Lw454ac@aol.com

The Crowing Hen. Barbara Chatterton
    Nigerian Dwarf and Myotonic (fainting) goats
    32 Elm Street
    Machias Maine 04654

Deer Hill Farm. Alice Openshaw
  Registered White Angora Goats
  46 Deer Hill Lane
  Hampden, ME 04444
  207-862-6406; eodhl@adelphia.net

Fainting Wonders.  Shelly Wilson
  Myotonic fainting goats
  Harpswell, ME

Friends' Folly Farm.  Pogo Pogorelc
  Colored angora goats
  Monmouth, ME  04259
  207-933-4107;  friendsfolly@prexar.com

Greenbush Soapworks.  Ron and Marge Lavoie
  Nubians, Nubian crosses and Nigerians
  195 Middle Road
  Greenbush, ME 04418  
  207-827-7588; Marge7588@aol.com
  We make soap, and hope to have milk
   and cheese available.

Hollow Maple Farm.  Rick & Diane Kelley
   Nubian, LaMancha, Tennessee Fainters
   1872 Stage Road
   Etna, Maine 04434
   207-368-5605; info@hollowmaplefarm.com

Hyde Farm.  Joe & Vicki Hyde ***
     Cashmere Goats
     RR 4, Box 7908, Pittston, ME 04345
    207-582-8059; ewelady@ctel.net

Mandala Farm.  Sara Faull and Genio Bertin
  Cashmere Goats
  46 Youngs Farm Rd.
  Gouldsboro, Maine 04607
  207-963-2984; www.mandalafarm.com

McKenna Family Farm.  Mark and Lisa McKenna
  American Nubians 
  134 Creasey Ridge Road
  Mapleton, Maine 04757

McLew Cashmere Farm. Paul and Martha Lewis
  Cashmere Goats  
  486 Stackpole Rd.
  Durham, Me. 04222
  207-926-4648    plewis@securespeed.net

Moxie Blues Mini-Farm   Mary Jordan
   Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats
  Green, Maine
  207-946-4236; moxieblues@ctel.net

Moxie Ridge Farm. Randi and Chris Morse
  Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
  11 Cottage Rd.
  Belmont, ME.  04952
  207-342-2298; contact@moxieridgefarm.com

Old Mountain Farm.  Cheryle Moore-Smith and Wyl Smith
    Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, double registered, show quality brown eyed and rare blue eyed
    60 Old Mountain Rd.
    Cape Neddick, ME  03902.
    (207) 361-2126; olmtfarm@gwi.net

Raven Hill Farm -- dairy goats ***

Stones Edge Farm    Derilyn Nelson
  Breeding quality Minature Silky Fainters, Tennessee Fainters, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats.  Several colors, blue and brown eyes available.
  335 Pond Rd Newcastle Me 04553
  207-380-6560  stonesedgefarm@yahoo.com

Stony Knolls Farm.  Ken & Janice Spaulding
  Registered White Angora Goats and
  Registered Fullblood Boer Goats
  PO Box 322,  49 Maple Lane
  Saint Albans,  Maine 04971
  207-938-3714; kenjan@tds.net

Tiny Angels Farm.  Richard and Melonie Kaufmann
  Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, show and pet quality
  Blue eyes and brown eyes.
  745 Albion Road
  Benton, ME 04901
  207-453-2477; TinyAngels@tinyangelsfarm.com

Tranquility Farm.  Pete Henrick
  Dairy goats
  Box 576
  Oakland, ME  04963
  207-465-9061; phenrick@adelphia.net

The Village Haven Farm. Martha Tudgay
  Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats - AGS Registered Pet,
  Show & Dairy Quality
  Saint Albans, Maine
  207-938-3880; villagehavenfarm@yahoo.com

Underhill Farm.  Jenny Smith
    Pygora and Cashpygora goats
    Imported from Oregon
    50 Wilson Rd
    Gorham, Me 04038
    207-892-2617; jensmith@maine.rr.com

Widdershins.  Wendy & Chris Russell
  843 Bear Hill Rd.
  Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
  207-564-7926; widdershins@prexar.com