Maine Farms










 Maine Sheep Farms


Arch Tower Farm.  Jane Brackett
    RR 1, Box 1329
    Thorndike, ME  04986
    207-722-3543;  donjane@uninets.net

Aunt Rhodie's
  Lincoln, Jacob, and Blue-face or Hexham Leicesters

Baptist Hill Farm.  Dr. Neal H. Watson
    93 Sunken Bridge Road, Corinna, ME  04928

Black Sheep Farm.  Anne Eaton & Danny Harrison
  Shetland.  Lambs born April or May.
    RR 1, Box 1004, Cape Jellison Road, Stockton Springs, ME  04981

Brookside Farm.  Jane Bernier
    RR 2, Box 663-H, Lincolnville, ME  04849
    207-789-5289;  aigberni@mint.net

Cider Mill Farm.  Bob and Tamara Konczal
    210 Beech Ridge Road, Scarborough, ME 04074

Crummett Mountain Farm.  Edith Allard
    Shetland crosses (several types).  Lambs born 1st week in May.
    305 Crummett Mountain Road, Somerville, ME  04348

Deschambeault, Lynn
    Katahdin Hair Sheep
  and Border Collies
    342 Hio Ridge Rd.
    Denmark, ME  04022
    207-452-2898; merlynn@pivot.net 

Ellsfarm.  Perry and Nate Ells
    Friesland, Dorset and Bordeer Leicester crosses for milk, meat and fiber
    1244 Clarry Hill Road
    Union, ME 04862
    207-785-2118; Ellsfarm@aol.com
    Constructing a sheep dairy and creating a specialty yarn in 2003

End of the World Farm.  Katie & Ed Jarius
  Shetland and Shetland/Finn.   Lambs born April.
    RR #1, Box 3730, Kents Hill, ME  04349
    Ph:  207-685-4119; Fax:  207-685-4995;  EOW_Farm@yahoo.com

Eolian Farm Llamas & Shetlands. Jenni and Dick Johnson
    Newcastle ME

Far Point Fiber.  Donna Pickard
  Shetland.  Lambs born April.
    Steuben, ME

Fiber-Lee Farm. Bob and Leah O'Donnell
    P.O. Box 231, Canaan Me. 04924
    207-474-0476; fiberlee@midmaine.com

Fields Edge Farm. Kimberly Trider-Grant and Arthur Grant
    Clun Forest Sheep
    477 Fish Street
    Leeds, ME 04263

French Hill Farm.  Diane and Bill Trussell
  Coopworth, colored and white
    Solon, ME
    207-643-2540; frnchill@tdstelme.net
      Ashford, Lendrum , and Reeves spinning wheels and accessories.
      Bullens Wullens Redi Spin fibers, Jacquard Dyes.

Frelsi Farm.  Elaine E. Clark
    P.O. Box 54, Limerick, ME  04048
    207-793-4640;  frelsi@prexar.com

Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation
  Cotswold, Delaine Merino, Soay, Shetland, Katahdin, and Jacob
    RR # 2 Box 365, Lincolnville, ME 04849
    207-763-4088; info@kelmscott.org

Fields Edge Farm. Kimberly Trider-Grant and Arthur Grant
    Clun Forest Sheep
    477 Fish Street
    Leeds, ME 04263

Glacier Hill Farm.   Joe & Lyn Terranova
185 East Road
    Chesterville, ME  04938

Greenbush Soapworks.  Ron and Marge Lavoie
  Greenbush Me  827 7588  
  We make soap, and hope to have milk and cheese

Hatchtown Farm.  Pam & Jim Child
    82 Sproul Hill Rd., Bristol, ME  04539-3211
    207-563-5851;  spindleguy@hatchtown.com

Hayward Farms.  Dean and Donna Hayward
    1480 North Road, North Yarmouth Me 04097 
    207-829-5426; Southies4@aol.com  

Hickerson, Lynn
  Romney and Rambouillet

    14 Oak Hill Road, Orrington, Maine 04474
    207-825-3738; lynnh@prexar.com

Hyde Farm.  Joe & Vicki Hyde
  Horned Dorset, Romney, Cotswold, and some crosses.  Lambs born March.
    RR 4, Box 7908, Pittston, ME 04345
    207-582-8059; ewelady@ctel.net

Judas Meadow Farm.  Janet and Bill Seavey
  Romney, Border Leicester, Cotswold and Natural
  Colored Columbia crosses
    Windsor, ME
     207-549-3455; bjseavey@gwi.net

Lambs Quarters.   Chris and Bill Welsh
    427 Downs Road
    Sebec, ME. 04481-3128
    207 564 0815; cawelsh@midmaine.com   

Maa's Woolies.  Mary Ann Anton
    RFD 1, Box 4079, Athens, ME  04912

Mandala Farm.  Sara Faull and Genio Bertin
  Sheep- Various Crossbreeds
  46 Youngs Farm Rd.
  Gouldsboro, Maine 04607
  207-963-2984; www.mandalafarm.com

Mcintyre Farm.  Mark Mcintyre
  Romney and Romney crosses.  Lambs born in March/April.
    Lincoln, ME
   207-794-2760;  mcintyre@midmaine.com

McKenna Family Farm.  Mark and Lisa McKenna
  Romney and Romney crosses
134 Creasey Ridge Road
  Mapleton, Maine 04757

Misty Meadow Farm.  Lisa Hayward
    1450 North Rd., No. Yarmouth, ME  04097
    207-829-4620; Twohot2Hay@aol.com

Mountain Ash Farm on Wylde WoodJanet & Mark Morrow
    Shetland Sheep and Natural Colored
445 Fort Fairfield Rd.
    Presque Isle, ME 04769
    Phone: 207-764-9331; Cell: 207-551-9526; mountash@mfx.net
    Babe Spinning Wheel dealer

Mountainview Farm.  Mildred MacComb
  Various crossbreds
     Route 4, Box 389, Gardiner, ME  04345
     Freezer lamb and Great Pyrenees guard dogs

North Port Farm.  Mariette Hollins
    65 Knights Pond Road, North Port, ME  04849
    207-338-1053; hmhollins@acadia.net

North Tempest Farm.  Rae Reimer
  Romney, Coopworth, and Lincoln crosses
    205 River Rd., Biddeford, ME  04005
    207-282-2329;  ntempest@lamere.net

North Woods Farm

Northern Maine Icelandics. Gary J. Holcombe
    536 Highway 1
    PO Box 157
    Bridgewater, Maine 04735
    (207) 425-7113; garyjh@ainop.com

Northstar Farms.   Phillip and Lisa Webster
  Montadales, Suffolk and Hampshire

    PO Box 1867 Windham, ME  04062
    days 207-892-2161, evenings 207-892-9360
"Six miles west of Portland, North Star sheep are bred to succeed in the show ring and
         produce in the flock. We firmly believe great show show are the result of great breeding

Pleasant Valley Farm.  The Hessert Family
  Hampshire, Horned Dorset, and Romney
    601 Pleasant Valley Road, Cumberland, ME  04021

Ram Ewe Sheep Farm.  John & Jane Govostes
  Rambouillet Sheep
214 Rome Road, Rome ME  04963
    207-397-5731; homtwntl@tdstelme.net

Rivercroft Farm.  Joe and Judy Miller
  Romney, Merino, Corriedale, Lincoln, Shetland
    Johnston's Ferry Rd., RR1 Box 180, Starks, ME 04911

Settlemire Farm.  Tom Settlemire
    908 River Road, Brunswick, ME  04011
    207-729-9748; ctsettle@suscom-maine.net

Shalom Orchard.  Jim Baranski
    POB 4, 158 Eastbrook Rd, Franklin ME 04634
    (207) 565-2312

Shapleigh Knoll Farm.  Ronald B. Prevoir
  Border Cheviot
    Shapleigh, Maine  04076

Shearbrooke Farm.  Karen Smith
    400 Saco Rd.
    Standish, ME  04084
    207-642-3067; shearbrooke@pivot.net

Stone Brook.  Hetty Richardson
  Shetland/Finn crossbreds
    Augusta, ME  04330

Stony Brook Farm.  Valerie Rice-Grindle
    RR 1, Box 318-A, Morancy Rd., East Sullivan, ME  04607-9730

Stone Heart Farm.  Doreen Simmons
    285 Streaked Mtn. Rd., So. Paris, ME  04281
    207-743-7796; jsimmons@megalink.net

Straw's Farm.  Lee, Aran, Autumn & Pebble Straw
  Horned Dorsets  
    Cochran Road, Edgecomb, ME

Sugarloaf Dorsets

Sundog Farms.  Kelly-Jean & Delmer Burk
P.O. Box 27,  Troy,  ME  04987
    207-948-6511; info@sundogfarms.com
    Registered Purebred Icelandic Sheep & Hanoverian Horses - A portion of the proceeds generated by Sundog Farms is donated to benefit the Sundog Foundation to assist families with autistic children.

Sunrise Acres Farm.  Sally Merrill
  Polled Dorset
    42 Winn Road, Cumberland ME  04021

Sunshine Daydream Farm
  Naturally colored and white sheep - Several breeds and crosses.
We sell raw fleece, and washed roving and batting. Sheep are sold for fleece only. 
  337 Center Conway Road
  Brownfield, ME

Tackitty Buit Farm -- Merino sheep (and angora goats)

That'll Do Acres.  Diana and Peter Laing
  Icelandic Sheep and Shetland/Finn crossbreds
    Muzzy Ridge Road, Searsmont, ME 04973
    207-342-2114;  dlaing@pivot.net;   sheep@thatlldoacres.com

The Cry of the Loom at Two Shakes Farm.  Wendy Furey
  Romney and Coopworth
    Six Thunder Rd., No. Yarmouth, ME  04097
    297-829-6273;  Spin207@yahoo.com

Tylerfarm.  Debi Claffie
  Shetland, Finn and Shetland/Finn crosses
    Tylerfarm Road
    Limington, ME  04049
    207-675-3722; tylerfarm@pivot.net

Underhill Farm.  Jenny Smith
    Romney and Romney crossed colored sheep
    50 Wilson Rd
    Gorham, Me 04038
    207-892-2617; jensmith@maine.rr.com

Waywoodfarm.  Joline Rines
  Suffolk, Romney, Icelandic/Suffolk mix, Finn mix
Working on getting a flock of all black sheep
    Durham, ME

Winterpast Farm.  Ralph, Dawn & Amanda Robinson
Cotswold & Black Border Leicester
    225 Allen Rd
    Hebron, Me 04238
    207-966-3521;  winterpast@gwi.net

Wood-Stock Farm.  Bud & Val Weiland
  618 Western Avenue,  Hampden, ME  0444-1030
  207-862-4078;  wool1@hamtel.tds.net

Woolcote Shetlands. Eileen & Steve Homoleski
    37 Dover-Eliot Road (Route 101), South Berwick, ME 03908
    207-748-1110;  woolcote@ix.netcom.com