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 Maine Farms with Rabbits


Photo taken at Fiber Frolic.

  • Note: the list below is out-of-date and is being updated. Plesase check back.

Acker's Acres Angoras.   Beth Acker
Angora, German and German cross
    359 Gloucester Hill Rd.
    New Gloucester, ME  04260
    207-926-492; backer@maine.rr.com

Archway Rabbitry. Chris Gurney
Breeds of Rabbits:  Holland Lops, Netherland
   Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Dwarf Hotots, Polish &
   84 Goodwin Road
   Minot, Maine 04258; archwayrabbitry@verizon.net

The Barber's Bunnies.   Anna Barber
    German Angoras and German hybrids
    Fiber available
    844 Waldoboro Road
    Bremen, Maine 04551

The Crowing Hen. Barbara Chatterton
    Silver Fox rabbits & other
    heritage breed livestock
    32 Elm Street
    Machias Maine 04654

Fainting Wonders.  Shelly Wilson
  Lionhead and holland lop bunnies
  Harpswell, ME

Harerazer Rabbitry. 
Dick Brasier
   Californian, New Zealand and Chinchilla crosses
   Pets, meat rabbits, and breeding stock
43 Libby Lane
   Parkman, ME 04443
   207-876-3360; harerazer@msn.com

Jack Rabbitry/Eastern Maine Rabbit Breeders.  Ron and Jeanette Jack
   Rt. 221
   Bradford, ME

Honeysuckle Rabbitry
  ARBA Breeder of Show Quality Mini Lops
  Other breeds available
  10 Gardiner Rd
  Dresden, ME 04342
  207-798-1889; steph@honeysucklerabbitry.com

Hyde Farm
(see full entry under "sheep").

Mcintyre Farm.
  (see full entry under "sheep").

Peace Farm.  Marie Bishop
  Home of Bishop's Bunnies Rabbitry
  Californians, Creme D'Argents and Netherland
  Dwarfs.  Hoping to get some rex and angoras.
  196 Berry Road
  Denmark, Maine 04009
  email:  bishbun@adelphia.net

Penobscot River's Edge Rabbitry.  Tammy &
  Ashley Smart   
  98 Middle River Road
  Greenbush, ME  04418
  207-827-3032; tktaark@aol.com

Robin's Nest Rabbitry.  Robin Hoskins
  419 Eastbrook Rd.
  Eastbrook, ME  04634

Rockys Rabbits.   Mark Elwell
   New Zealand's, both Red and White, Californian, show quality Silver Fox (pedigree's avail),
   and cross breed meat varieties.
   Bowdoin Maine  04287

Sandy Knoll Rabbit Hole.  Kim McCrum
  Flemish Giants, French Lops, Belgian Hares, and English Spots
  177 Middle River Road
  Greenbush ME 04418
  207-827-6745; mfd821@msn.com

Stony Brook Farm.  Valerie Rice-Grindle
  Angora, German and high % German hybrids
  RR 1, Box 318-A
  Morancy Rd.
  East Sullivan, ME  04607-9730

Sugar Island Rabbitry. Marge Lavoie
  Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Jersey Woolys, Mini
  Lops and Holland Lops . Pedigreed and
  Non Pedigreed
  195 Middle River Road
  Greenbush, Me 04418 
  207-827-7588; Marge7588@aol.com

Tiny Dust Bunnies Rabbitry.  Diane Radell
  English Angoras, Wooley Angora crosses and
     other bunnies.
   P.O box 78
  Monticello, ME 04758;  dradell@hotmail.com;

Underhill Farm.  Jenny Smith
    French x German Angora rabbits
    50 Wilson Rd
    Gorham, Me 04038
    207-892-2617; jensmith@maine.rr.com